Kitchen Plumbing

  • Sinks and pipes unblocked
  • Dripping taps and traps repaired
  • New taps fitted
  • Under sink water heaters installed (suitable for utility rooms or rooms where a link to the hot water supply is not possible)
  • Washing machines/dishwashers/tumble driers plumbed in
  • New sinks installed
  • Silicon sealing new and renewed
  • Installation of SureStop, remote stop cock - operated by a switch, commonly mounted in the under-sink cupboard, allowing easy and immediate control of the mains water in the event of an emergency.


Fitted in addition to the mains stopcock, this allows the mains water to the house to be turned on/off by a switch. Useful where the existing stopcock is in a hard-to-reach area, this switch can be fitted to the inside of a cupboard for easy access.

Practical in the event of burst pipes and leaks, when you need easy and immediate control of your mains water supply.